Bullies are cowards, fearmonger’s, kicking coworkers with cement word boots in the hallway, and then hiding behind HR’s back.  They pound with puppet fists from the safety of their desktops and keyboards,  secretly sheltering tin hearts within the paper veneer barricades of chain of command.  Bullies sing a song of me, me, me, drowning out the melody of we, we, we, in every meeting or boardroom.  Deafening the ears of others within the organization they’re hired to serve along side, so they can’t hear the inner choir of a collective voice. Bullies throw passive aggressive punches, bloodying their victims in the anonymous safety rings of Facebook and Pinterest, then retreat to their corner of, “Ha, I told YOU.”  Never realizing, “I told YOU,” always loses the fight that, “I had the courage to talk WITH YOU,” always wins.  Silent bullies shame just as deeply without words.  Judging quietly though slitted eyelids of unengaged superiority, their silent treatment holding everyone hostage. They lack humility, and are stoic prisoners in their inability to acknowledge perfect imperfections, and admit their failures to break free together.  Bullies conduct mass firing-squads on Monday’s, escorting out their loyal casualties with a last meal of two weeks pay, but without the humanity to give a last word of honest explanation.  They create a revolving door of turn-over as a curtain of constant chaos, to cover their incompetence.  Bullies stall leadership by feeding bored board members refills of soft-serve marketing fluff, bloating them with sugared substitutes of perks, instead of requiring them to help in the hard work of, “Why does our organization exist?”  Bullies breed and multiply in captivity.  A feral species of hermaphrodites, squeezing out tender hearts, forcing seamstresses for the band to seek shelter on Pacific Aviation islands and in Virgin Galactic deserts.  Then fall asleep each night plotting how to teach the next flock of young eagles to toughen up like them, instead of raising them UP for all of us.  Enough is enough, please…  Bullies have no place in our flying family.  Teach them how to treat people and if they do not learn get rid of them.  Then watch the intimidated, bullied, silent-strong, wholehearted rise to take their place, and lead together with kindness, curiosity, and compassion.

Knights of the Air fight against bullies…

Word: if you think I’m talking about you, then I must be.  You are what you see my friends, you are what you see.

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