Driving away from Lakeland, I was so excited to go home.  I was actually giggling at 5:30 in the morning, barely awake, thinking about all the fun things I was about to do.  All the wonderful people I was about to see.  This trip was going to be my most beautiful exile ever!  Most people […]


I get to fly the “cool stuff.”  The “cool stuff” is a term my friend Rob Lock uses to describe the rare, old planes we love.  It’s a subjective list we mentally share between us, without ever having made an actual list.  I suppose spending so many years at Kermit’s place, you get introduced to […]

Dayton Airshow

I have never been able to bring myself to put up “please do not touch,” signs on my plane.  I believe we teach people how to treat us, that goes for my plane as well. If people aren’t allowed to get up close and touch, how will they ever learn how fragile the planes really […]

West Mifflin

AOPA hat, CAF t-shirt, EAA jacket – they wear the words like human billboards, advertising their connection to the planes and to the pilots around them that they hesitate to speak to.  Standing shoulder to shoulder at the fence, silently watching  FiFi land and holding their breathe, holding in their hearts, keeping their fingers crossed […]


Where I fly now is determined by who is there waiting for us to land… On Sunday I started north with a medium-sized chance of getting to St Simons Island on the east coast of Georgia.  I was looking forward to being rained in there for the day because I remember it being beautiful, and […]


Flying back to Florida on Airtran last week after meeting with my artist’s for the comic, a women and her daughter sat in the seats in front of me.  I heard from their conversation that this was her daughter’s first airplane flight.  Her mother repeated twice, “You ready, we’re going to go really high and […]


Milestones, benchmarks, birthdays – measurements of where we are in our lives.  Since 2007 I have driven an hour and a half to Zellwood, Florida to visit my plane at Kimball’s restoration shop at least once a month.   The first few years my plane was just parts stuffed in a shed, and a frame […]


I took off my watch when I left Florida in June, I knew I wouldn’t need it that summer.  My days would be measured in hours of daylight, gallons of fuel remaining, and the number of thirty minute flights I could do before the light or the gas ran out.  Time is redefined when Barnstorming.  […]