Flight Lesson – 8

Takeoffs are tied to the ground, your communion with the sky begins when you break free in the climb.  Somewhere just above the earth, in the ephemeral place below 500 feet, you climb into an unknowing unlike any you’ve ever known. The climb is where fear and fearlessness fight each other for you. Too low to turn back to the airport, the initial climb is a pilot’s leap of faith.  You can’t see over the radial engine.  You can’t see where you would land ahead.  And you can’t go back.  Trusting completely in your plane, you climb in the blind.  In that act of faith is where fearlessness wins over fear, and you find freedom. You enter the doorway to the cathedral of clouds when you step into your greatness and climb.  Up, up, up into the confessional of air, where all things on the ground are forgotten or forgiven.  A flying state of grace where fear is washed away with awe, and you wipe yourself white with wonder.  In a pilot’s cathedral of clouds, you are completely free.

Once there you level off, bowing your hand forward in reverence to your plane.  Giving thanks for guiding you safely from the takeoff to the air – from the place of unknowing to knowing. In the climb is where you learn a pilot’s secret prayer. “My plane saves my life, and with each takeoff I am reborn.”

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