Fly with us

Flight Lesson 22The secret to flying is being brave enough to be present and witness the magic that can enrich your life when you rise up and experience our world “in the air.”  I mean IN the air.  One with it, surrounded by it, immersed in it, and not sealed in a metal cage rocketing through it.  What flying open-cockpit in these big radial engine planes does is take away your ability to think of anything but NOW.  It forces you to be present by suspending you in another world, where you learn to hear airspeed, and smell altitude, and feel pressure changes when the air shifts on your face.  And if you are really present, and really quiet, not only will you see the world from a different perspective, you will also learn to see your life from a different perspective.  When we stop worrying about whatʼs up ahead and where we’re going next, we start to open up to a peripheral view of the world and there…you will start to see everything else.  All you have to do is put the top down and reconnect yourself to nature to learn to fly.

No, I mean really FLY!   I believe you can.

Names of all people I’ve flown with…..