Love is in the Air – a Biplane Valentine

Project in Progress

Art from nothing, beauty from waste, discarded pieces collected, polished, refitted, and reassembled to be brought to flight again.  Restorations are never exactly as they were but better, more beautiful, and stronger than before. Watching Buddy’s parts be put together for seven years at Kimball’s, to most people they looked like a pile of junk […]

Home in the Sky

The flocking season is starting.  I can hear the call to take my wing and follow me across the sky cerulean sea.  Airshow’s and fly-in’s sprout on our calendars and bud the dreams of spring, springing our minds migrations all over the country to join our flying family.  Hearts pacing impatiently, while our thoughts airrace through the […]

Wander and Wonder

I’ve been collecting sunsets, storing them on my shelves, pasting them to the walls and floors of me. Piling them up next to piles of thunderstorms, racks of rainbows, baskets full of full moons, and stacks of sunrises.  In love with the colors of sky and how the light reflects all around.  Scooping up handfuls […]

Finding Nowhere

The sky was scrubbed clean and smelled like I had just ripped the wrapper off a new bar of ivory soap. The sun’s stare made it sparkle and the light rained down everywhere around us, we were soaking in light. Singing in the sun shower to wash off the week.  It was a wild day. […]

2013… Thinking on

When people ask me what I do, I reply, “I’m a Barnstormer.”  When they give me the curious look that says, “huh?” I simplify it by saying, “I’m a pilot.” The response I hear most often is, “Oh, I hate to fly.”  Those words, “I hate to fly,” have stuck in my head for years […]

The List

I had something to tell you today, or was it yesterday?  I started a list, of all the things we’ve seen in the air.  All the things I wanted to say.  I had the perfect flight, you remember, the same one we took that night.  The one when the skies were so soft and pink and […]

Three little boys

Three little boys in a basement, pound pound pound.  Splinted hands sawhorsing hand-made dreams of their champion’s wings. Playing games with grandfathered tools, tiny fingers tippy-tapping nail heads.  Making magical airships they will someday fly out to sea.  These adventurers three, grow up to be… Three young men in a campsite, pound pound pound.  Splinting […]

Dudley Steele Thanks, giving…

I am thankful for the sweet sleepy yawn of a radial engine as it wakes. Slowly stretching pistons,  inhale, hmnmmmm, exhale, ahhhhhhh,  lope, lope, lope lope, lope. Pause. lope, lope, lope, lope. Repeat. lope, lope, lope lope, lope. Pause. lope, lope, lope, lope. Slowly, rumble clicking, waking, pacing, pulsing, heart beating, odd then even. Beautiful morning […]


Bullies are cowards, fearmonger’s, kicking coworkers with cement word boots in the hallway, and then hiding behind HR’s back.  They pound with puppet fists from the safety of their desktops and keyboards,  secretly sheltering tin hearts within the paper veneer barricades of chain of command.  Bullies sing a song of me, me, me, drowning out […]