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The 8 Days of the Week in Scottish Gaelic

  • Didòmhnaich (ji-DAWV-nuch) Sunday The Day of the Lord
  • Là na Sàbaid (lah nuh SAH-bidj) Sunday  The Sabbath Day
  • Diluain (ji-LOON) Monday The Day of the moon
  • Dimàirt (ji-MAIRSHT) Tuesday The Day of Mars
  • Diciadain (ji-KAY-den) Wednesday The Day of the first fast
  • Diardaoin  (jer-DOON) Thursday The Day between two fasts
  • Dihaoine (ji-HOON-yeh) Friday The Day of Fast
  • Disathairne (jee-suh-HARN-yeh) Saturday The Day of Saturn

Sunday is also called Latha na Sàbaid or Sabbath Day. Traditionally the usage between the two depends on your denomination. Catholics and Episcopalians use DiDòmhnaich and Presbyterians use Latha na Sàbaid. Be sure to pronounce the long vowel in Sàbaid, otherwise it becomes Latha na Sabaid, ‘the Day of Fighting’.

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