It was a spur of the moment decision, when I saw a sign in front of my local airport for a hands-on “Discovery Flight” lesson. That impromptu adventure, to try to fly a plane myself, changed my life forever and flying has taken me on my greatest adventure yet.  A little less than a year after my first flight, I became a commercial pilot and I made my work in the air.  Being a Flight Instructor and an ATP certificated professional pilot has allowed me to teach people from all over the world how to fly.  It has also paid me to fly all over the world to wonderful places.  Fortunately, my flying took a lucky detour off my career path and I discovered a hidden world of fabric biplanes and airports with grass runways, this is where I discovered my great passion.  Having a degree in theater and a life long love of travel and adventure, it is no wonder I ended up a Barnstormer traveling with a Flying Circus, and giving hands-on flights in my own open-cockpit biplane.Decades after my first flight, I have fallen in love with the dream of flying that was shared across the world in the 20s and 30s during the Golden Age of Aviation.   I believe that when aviation was redefined as transportation, something was lost for all of us in the myopic quest for carrying people, and weapons, faster and further.  When we entered the jet age and Jonathon Livingston Seagull was squeezed into an Iron Lung and launched to 30,000 feet, the door was closed for most of us to discover the beauty of our world that can be explored through open-cockpit flight.  Lost in all this progress is how people can connect to airplanes and flying on a personal level that will enrich their lives.  I believe flying can inspire all of us to see adventures in our lives everyday.  What I have found since my first solo flight, is that the most rewarding adventures are the ones we pilot ourselves.  Whether flying an airplane challenges us to grow, overcome fear, or simply inspires us to stop waiting and start making our own life a great adventure…the idea of flying belongs to all of us!

Love, Sarah

P.S. I don’t fly any longer but make an excellent right-seat helper.