Taking Care

When I travel on a cross-county I spend a lot of evenings in bookstores, used bookstores when I can find them. It’s a bit of a ritual. I try to find St Exupery’s section, see if they have anything beyond Wind, Sand, and Stars and buy a copy of The Little Prince.  I store them in […]

A Conscious Conscience

What happens to one, happens to everyone. Winter storms storm across the southeast.  A beautiful young women booked on a Delta flight to Tampa is rerouted through Detroit.  Her anger builds in waves as she pounds on her cellphone keyboard, seething inside. She storms up to the gate agent and demands to be compensated for […]

Love is in the Air – a Biplane Valentine

Project in Progress

Art from nothing, beauty from waste, discarded pieces collected, polished, refitted, and reassembled to be brought to flight again.  Restorations are never exactly as they were but better, more beautiful, and stronger than before. Watching Buddy’s parts be put together for seven years at Kimball’s, to most people they looked like a pile of junk […]

My Home

Home felt like mittens and being wrapped up in sweaters.  It smelled like pot roast and dryer sheets, was lit up with candles, and only missing one thing –  , I’ve worked for years to become the person I wanted to be.  Someone really deeply connected with people who love me back. I don’t know […]


Somedays are the days I break people wide-open when I fly with them, and they actually glow.  They become human glow sticks so luminescent their eyes shine, and their emotion and thoughts become transparent braille, readable on the surface of their skin.  I know that they have broken wide-open when their shoulders relax and they […]

Lake Geneva

When I first started flying in my PT Stearman Blu, I bought Richard Bach’s book Nothing by Chance and read twice.  It was a dreamscape, a wish book for me, for the life I wanted to build once.  I had the desire to be like those men, a Barnstormer.  It’s more than a story for me […]

Steamboat Springs

Watching the night airshow at AirVenture this year my eyes lit up with the ballet of incandescent winged things, trailing sparkles and smoke through layers of blue twilight.  The  airshow performers were perfect dancing spectacles of glowing grace, twirling and hurling in cloudless skies.  They twinkled at us from a vertical stage that stretched forever, […]


At some point, we can all decide which parts of our history to record, and which parts we want to rewrite. I will be fifty years old next Saturday, and we are flocking west on the B-29 tour.  Further west than I have ever flown, to Denver, Colorado, landing  at Rocky Mountain Metro two days before […]


You are protecting yourself, not me.      At dinner in Madison last night, I got a text from my friend Chuck Gardner who flies the P51 , with a picture of his throttle on the Mustang broken completely in half.  My first thought was poor little Mustang.  All those different hands and all the […]