Flying Lessons

The Steps

There is a man to my left.  We were facing each other but offset.  Both sitting on steps – like the kind that lead up to a college or a public building.  White stone, small risers with wide steps. We weren’t talking but we weren’t strangers.  It was a comfortable silence, as if we were […]

Isle de los Captivas

Waiting for the boat to Upper Captiva, I saw an angel in tennis shoes standing on the dock with a foot locker.  I asked the angel to share the shade of the Chickee Hut with me.  We sat, side by side at the picnic table.  Silently looking out at the water in the same direction. […]


The horn blows one long.  Ships’ bell rings.  Liberty, Liberty, Liberty.  Grab your Black Seal rum and put your dress flags on.  Roll up your wake and run bareboat with me.  Unlace the lines, let them fall down the back of the deck.  Pleasure boat would you give me the pleasure of your company?   […]

A Suitcase of Serendipity

Open a chart.  Find a place.  See a picture without a face.  Follow a back, back in time.  Turn a question over in your mind.  Connect the dots across a map.  Turn around and retrace your steps.  Climb up your family tree, to get a clearer view.  Why do we travel to the places we […]

The Wish Twin

The boy and the old plane both wished to fly, but the plane no longer believed in wishes. It had been so long since it had flown; abandoned, broken, and alone.  The plane had forgotten how to believe.  It’s hard to believe when you’re just parts in a shed.  Separated so long from the sky, […]

Flight Lesson – 34

I sat on the grass and talked to Meis.  I asked Meis van der Rohe, “How could you do that, dear man?”  Build a fortress of black bars and glass, in such a beautiful space, along the curve of Lake Michigan.  Were your tower’s built to keep people out, or as a box to put […]

Flight Lesson – 33

Close your eyes. I have a present for you.  No, it’s not your birthday but I wanted to give you something anyway.  A before my birthday, birthday surprise.  I couldn’t decide what we would like.  What would be the perfect gift?  You’ll have to tell me if I got it right.  I think you’ll love […]

Flight Lesson – 32

Schrödinger’s cat is standing by my wing.  Flips a challenge coin and says, “Call.”  Alive or dead.  I’m too smart to fall for that old cat trick.  Uncertainty is the only certainty a pilot knows.  I know what to pick.  Alive.  Don’t you know pilot’s never die?  We just go into a holding pattern in […]

Flight Lesson – 31

I have this plane because of you.  I saw you standing at the airport fence, a Faraday Cage I couldn’t recognize you through.  It had been so long since I had seen you.  Seems like a thousand years ago.  You recognized me first, or at least you thought you did.  I couldn’t see your eyes […]

Who is Jimmie Allen?

Has anyone seen Jimmie Allen?  I’ve been looking all over for him.  I stood in Russia with the Night Witches and pointed at his picture. “Do you recognize him?”  All they said was, “Nyet.”  I flew to Egypt to ask Count Almásy.  “Have you seen Jimmie Allen?” László replied, “He doesn’t exist my dear, but I’m not […]