Flying Lessons

Flight Lesson – 34

I sat on the grass and talked to Meis.  I asked Meis van der Rohe, “How could you do that, dear man?”  Build a fortress of black bars and glass, in such a beautiful space, along the curve of Lake Michigan.  Were your tower’s built to keep people out, or as a box to put […]

Flight Lesson – 33

Close your eyes. I have a present for you.  No, it’s not your birthday but I wanted to give you something anyway.  A before my birthday, birthday surprise.  I couldn’t decide what we would like.  What would be the perfect gift?  You’ll have to tell me if I got it right.  I think you’ll love […]

Flight Lesson – 32

Schrödinger’s cat is standing by my wing.  Flips a challenge coin and says, “Call.”  Alive or dead.  I’m too smart to fall for that old cat trick.  Uncertainty is the only certainty a pilot knows.  I know what to pick.  Alive.  Don’t you know pilot’s never die?  We just go into a holding pattern in […]

Flight Lesson – 31

I have this plane because of you.  I saw you standing at the airport fence, a Faraday Cage I couldn’t recognize you through.  It had been so long since I had seen you.  Seems like a thousand years ago.  You recognized me first, or at least you thought you did.  I couldn’t see your eyes […]

Who is Jimmie Allen?

Has anyone seen Jimmie Allen?  I’ve been looking all over for him.  I stood in Russia with the Night Witches and pointed at his picture. “Do you recognize him?”  All they said was, “Nyet.”  I flew to Egypt to ask Count Almásy.  “Have you seen Jimmie Allen?” László replied, “He doesn’t exist my dear, but I’m not […]

Flight Lesson – 30

Walk across the ramp with me.  Take my hand.  Let’s go see the planes.  Which one do you want?  They’re all so beautiful, it’s hard to pick.  I want the shiny one.  Why?  It the prettiest and looks fast.  OK.  Which one don’t you want?  The one on the end.  Why?  It’s old and not […]


Blu was donated to Triple Tree Aerodrome to help their youth program July, 2017. “I know the price you paid to get Blu. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, that’s our lucky number.”

Flight Lesson – 29

An angel laid on my wing in the museum.  Her name is Evie.  She was eight and told me she wanted to be a veterinarian.  I saw the angel again a few weeks ago.  Now she wants to be a ballerina.  Both are worthy vocations.  She tap danced in sandals, for her parents and me, […]

Flight Lesson – 28

Missing the missing man.  We saved a slot for him in the sky on the airshow fly-by.  Look up.  Do you see him in the space we erased?  I do.  Look down, he’s standing right in front of you.  Go on.  Keep talking about the planes and how many men were killed in them.  About […]

Flight Lesson – 27

A clocca is a clock.  A clock is a bell.  A bell marks a watch.  From the tower each hour, the Watchman calls, “All’s well.”   Wæccende, Boatman, remain awake.  Ships watch changes four quarters a day.  Thirty minutes, turn the double bubble upside down.  Second Dog Watch finished.  Eight bells and all is well.  […]