My Home

Home felt like mittens and being wrapped up in sweaters.  It smelled like pot roast and dryer sheets, was lit up with candles, and only missing one thing –  , I’ve worked for years to become the person I wanted to be.  Someone really deeply connected with people who love me back. I don’t know […]

Solla Sollew

No way, no deal, no call, no interest, no sale, no sponsor, no money.  No money, no check, no artist, no answers, no comic, no thank you, no chance you would believe in me? NO. You wanna do what, that’s crazy you can’t do that?  Sarah you should dumb down, Sarah you should grow up.  […]

Almost Home

7,277 nautical miles flown. 1,466 gallons of fuel burned. 4,187 minutes in the air. 149 days with my plane.  Why?  Why do I do this, not just once, but summer after summer.  What am I looking for? Pilot’s say to me, “you’re living the dream,” but what is that? The dream, and where is that […]


Don’t understand, this was about how hard it is to be smart and a girl.  Being solely judged by your looks when you can fly circles around every male pilot but a handful. Guessing, being watched, yelled at.  I don’t understand how someone who threatened to kill you can shame you?  These sucker punch me, […]


Somedays are the days I break people wide-open when I fly with them, and they actually glow.  They become human glow sticks so luminescent their eyes shine, and their emotion and thoughts become transparent braille, readable on the surface of their skin.  I know that they have broken wide-open when their shoulders relax and they […]

Somewhere – Week 3

All the somewhere posts have multiple meaning.  simple please I’m looking for the perfect airport and that search begins with believing that it already exists, somewhere in the mist like Brigadoon, even if I haven’t found it yet.  My search started while sitting on the porch with my barnstormer family, talking about the dream home […]

Somewhere – Week 2

We left Hartford airport behind schedule for the Friday Iola Fly-in.  My friends, Bernie and Gayle and I had taken our time that morning, to make sure we had inflight snacks and Starbucks for the drive up to the hangar where Buddy was waiting.  We still had to fuel, and wait for Bill, who was […]

Somewhere – Week 1

I’ve been wearing a necklace, with a gold key, since the 4th of July. I bought it as a present for myself while shopping in a small town south of Nashville, on a day that was so drenched with rain that they couldn’t even do cockpit tours in FiFi.  Everyone from the tour had happily […]

Lake Geneva

This time I knew I would find home where the most love was.  That was my “sugar.” I know I’m getting closer!