Flight Lesson – 20

Kimball Shed

My plane and I both wished to fly,

but he no longer believed in wishes.

It had been so long since he had flown.

Abandoned, broken, and alone,

He had forgotten how to believe.

It’s hard to believe when you’re just parts in a shed.

Separated so long from the sky,

It’s easy to forget you can fly.

He needed to forget what he forgot to remember,

Then remember what he had forgotten.

Only then, could he believe again.

Won’t you talk to me please?

“Why should I talk to you?” my plane said.

“You would never hear me.”

Oh, but I would…

If you would talk to me,

I would help you believe.

“Why should I trust you?” my plane said.

“A pilot is free to fly anything,

But I cannot fly without you.”

Oh, but you will…

Mending is in my monogram.

I promise I’ll restore you.

“Why should I believe you?” my plane said.

Oh, but you should…

I am your Wish Twin.

Everyone has a Wish Twin.

Someone, somewhere has the same wish as you.

If you give your wish to them,

Both your wishes will come true.

Wishes need help from believing to come true.

Until you believe you can fly again,

I will believe enough for two.



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