Art of Flying

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Planes are works of art. Unique and beautiful, each was crafted by hand by their designer for the artist/pilots of flight. They are constructed with a simple sturdy frame of metal and wood and wrapped in fabric stretched and attached to their unique structure, to give them a long life and great strength. Like an art canvas, an airplane is a vehicle for our expression, a platform for us to “just paint” anything we choose. Flying is art, and we are all artists, but many people can not begin to make their first brush stroke in the air because of their fear.
I have studied and taught the art of flying for twenty-one years. I understand and empathize with the fears we have of flying, after all I am a pilot who has a fear of heights!  The fear of flying, in any plane, is an expression of our awareness that life is fragile, that we are vulnerable, and often feel we have little control over our lives.  We fear what we believe might harm or threaten us, and most of us fear what we donʼt understand.  Fear that is rational is good, healthy and keeps us alive and thriving, but fear based on misinformation or our assumptions not only limits us personally, it limits all other aspects of our lives.  Flying is significantly safer than driving, perhaps 100 times safer and yet we donʼt think twice about jumping into our car and pulling out in traffic.  For many of us fear stops us from exploring our world from the air, it limits the colors and tools we can use to enrich the beautiful works of art our lives really are.


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