Flight Lesson – 14

Holding my breath on the ground, I exhale in the air.  My shoulders relax as I sigh a sigh of relief. Climbing open-cockpit with my plane feels like bare skin on cool sheets. Air pressure decreasing with each foot of altitude we increase. I pull up the covers of just washed clouds and drink in their freshwater scent.  Falling back on a pillow of air, my hair falls down all around the wind. Sweet release. Finally, my own bed.  The sky wrapped tightly around me, as soft as Pima cotton sheets. The world left behind underneath my wheels. Like the final twitch just before I fall asleep. I level off in the sky with wide-open eyes, as I begin flying through a dream.  I’ve never flown in my dreams at night.  Dreams realized in daylight, technicolored by cobalt blue and cadmium yellow skies. My flights are far too beautiful for me to close my eyes. The stuff of dreams is stuffed into my pilot’s mind each flight.  Sun dogs and broken rainbows scatter their light like glitter all around the sky.  Towering giants jousting with javelins of lightning bolts, battling cloud to cloud before my eyes. Radiation fog in western twilight glows like wild fires to ignite our night. Sunset, smoke signaling us it’s almost time to land.  The sky show plays a matinee for me each flight. My imagination dreamscape’d by day, I’ve no need of flying dreams at night. Inhale on landing, our wheels stretch and yawn across the grass.  We arrive awake and refreshed. Saying a pilot’s prayer of gratitude, I kiss my plane goodnight.  Thankful for my sweet day dream today in flight.

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